The PERSUADED Tracker is a new bi-weekly report on the global campaigning and advocacy industry. The Tracker finds, tracks, measures, and reports on the campaigns and actions tackling the global problems. Here at the PERSUADED, we have been tracking the global advocacy and campaigning community for the past two years and we have built a unique database of over 1,100 global actions. This allows us to see real-time changes in global campaigning, understand which issues are getting the most traction from the public, and see emerging trends and issues.

We publish the results here in the Tracker every two weeks. One of the core aims of the Tracker is to provide the community and the public with new ways of determining progress and impact of the global change industry. To this end, we have developed the PERSUADED Public Pulse, the first indicator measuring the level of activity of the campaigning world  – this allows the community to see how strongly their work is resonating with the public and world at large. In addition to the Tracker, we will be publishing regular in-depth tracking reports on prominent topics and actions.

The Tracker is one tool produced by PERSUADED which is a new organisation that provides tools and events for organisations, campaigners and the engaged public to better see trends and progress in campaigning. We hope you enjoy the Tracker and look forward to hearing your feedback as well as news of new initiatiatives and campaigns. Contact us at team@persuaded.co

Good campaigning
Kel, Moose and the PERSUADED team